Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And more prep

Our DP Lol Crawley took this picture of our Production Designer Chad Keith who has magical powers. (And is standing under the Northern Lights)

A siġluaq is an ice cellar people use to store frozen meat. We have a scene in the movie that involves a siġluaq so here are a couple pics of Frank (one of our lead actors), Andrew, Lol and Chad on the hunt for a good one. (Pics from Kit Bland)

From outside...

From inside...

Josiah (our other lead actor) had a birthday, the amazingly talented Chef Dave is all smiles

Friday, March 26, 2010


It has been a whirlwind lately prepping the film, but I am determined to check back into the blog universe and share stories and photos of what we're doing up here. We begin filming on April 8th (!!!!!) so time is tight, but I will do my best to post when I can.

We want the blog to continue and transition into a blog about making the film so we changed the title a bit.

Anyway, to get us back on track, here are some photos from our AD Kit Bland from the past week....


More soon!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lead Roles Have Been Cast

Some of you have been waiting for ages to know if you have been cast in On the Ice. Thank you for your patience over the past several months. We wanted to let everyone know that as of now the lead roles of Apuna, Miqu, Egasak, Michelle and Betty have been cast. However, there are several other supporting roles that we are in the process of deciding.

If you live in Barrow, there is a strong chance you are still being considered for a supporting role. We are also still considering people who live in other parts of Alaska. If you live in Canada or the continental United States and have not yet been cast, you are no longer being considered.

We enjoyed meeting all of you. We were amazed at the level of talent we encountered and we hope you will be willing to audition for a future project with us. If you are not cast in this project, there might be a role that is right for you in the next one.