Monday, July 26, 2010

Lots and lots of production pics

Hi everyone!

We're back in New York and in the thick of the editing process now, but I thought I should put up some very long overdue photos from our shoot. Making the film was incredibly challenging but we made it through and we're really excited. We had an exceptionally talented cast and crew that we couldn't be more grateful to for all their tireless hard work. So here are a few favorite pics...

This is a tired but happy photo from our day of filming with the hilarious Rosabelle Rexford who plays Aaka, Qalli's grandmother. It's Andrew, Rosabelle, Cara and Josiah Patkotak (Qalli) in the background.

Our fancy holding area outside Aaka's house. Kit Bland (AD), Jeff Nolde (1st AC) and Lol Crawley (DP) are working hard on something serious.

The amazing Kay Lee (Art Director) and her trusty prop gun.

Maura Anderson took all the following photos...

Josiah (Qalli) getting ready to do a snowmobile shot with our snomo cam.

Smiley Josiah (Qalli) and pensive Frank 'Qutuq' Irelan (Aivaaq).

Kit, Andrew, Lol...small, medium, large?

Adamina Kerr (who plays Michelle) all bundled up on an outing to see the lead.

Teddy Kyle Smith (Egasak) in between takes

Ray Kious (PA and amazing jack of all trades) and Andrew's cousin JR (ice guide).

Our camp on a sunny day on the ice.


John Miller (James) and Frank Qutuq Irelan (Aivaaq) rehearsing for their Coca-cola commercial audition.

Dave Thorne's food made everyone happy, especially Lynette.

You could always count on Kate Dean (co-producer) to start up the dance party.

Maura Anderson (UPM) and her very nicely reflective goggles.

Jeff Nolde glamour shot

Adam Lukens (Gaffer) being thanked for rigging up the sun that day.

Jason Alegre (Loader) and his grin.

A regular day on the job for Jonathan Guggenheim (Props Master) and Chad Keith (Production Designer) digging up some permafrost to make a fake grave.

All our actors and extras getting ready to film the funeral scene. Josiah's very generous real life aaka (grandmother) Molly Pederson playing the role of the pastor on very short notice (maybe 30 minutes!).

Our talented leading family: Josiah Patkotak (Qalli), Teddy Kyle Smith (Egasak), Denae Brower (Darlene) and Tara Sweeney (Dora).

Andrew and Lol haven't quite grown into their snow bank.

Gorgeous Barrow

Thank you Maura for all the stunning photos

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