Friday, October 23, 2009

Calling all young Inuit men!

Hello everyone,

We started our Anchorage auditions today and had a wonderful turn-out of talented women of all ages. BUT....the two lead roles in On the Ice are young Inuit men and so we want to get the word out to any young Inuit men ages 17-25.
  • If you are a young Inuit man, we'd love to meet you! Check our website for the audition times in your area:
  • If you know young Inuit men who might like to try out, please tell them about our film and encourage them to come meet us.
  • If you know of organizations, schools or individuals who know or work with young Inuit men, please forward our website and blog info to them and encourage them to spread the word.
Men are artists too! This is a fantastic opportunity for young men to experience acting and filmmaking while telling a powerful story about the lives of young people in Alaska today. Take a chance and come meet us.

SIDE NOTE....We are of course still very interested in meeting Inuit men and women of all ages. Our main roles for the film are in these groups:
  • Young men & women 17-25
  • Men & women 34-45
  • Women 58-75
However, if you are not in these age ranges we still want to meet you! We plan to make many films in Alaska and would like to meet any Inuit people who are interested in acting and filmmaking. Also, you may be one age but look another, so come meet us no matter what your age.

Thanks for reading. Email me if you have any questions at

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