Monday, October 19, 2009

Kuujjuaq, Montreal, on to Alaska!

So our casting in Kuujjuaq is all wrapped up. Thanks to all those who came out to audition, to the wonderful Sylvia Cloutier for all her help (and delicious cooking!), and to the town of Kuujjuaq for access to the impressive Kattitavik Theatre...

And a very special thanks to First Air for helping us make our trip to Nunavik and Nunavut possible.

We're in Montreal now. We managed to squeeze in a few auditions here over the past couple hours, but for all those in Montreal and Ottawa, we are hoping to come back to meet more people. If you are from any area in Canada that we were not able to visit (including Montreal and Ottawa) and you'd like to audition, DEFINITELY CONTACT US! We want this casting process to be open to everyone who is interested and even if we can't meet you in person quite yet, we're hoping you can at least do a video audition. Send us an email at and we can explain more about how to do it. So far we've gotten emails from people in Pond Inlet, Montreal, Rankin Inlet,
Kuujjuaraapik, Clyde River and Ottawa, and we're hoping people from all over will be able to videotape auditions.

Also, for those who've been reading since the beginning I wasn't able to get photos of the gorgeous bright yellow-orange Kuujjuaq trees because they had already lost their leaves by the time we got back there. I am however able to tell you what they are. From a very reliable source I have been told that they are a deciduous conifer called American larch, aka tamarach or Larix larcina. Here's a picture I didn't take of them. (Sadly it doesn't come close to how impressively vibrant they were in Kuujjuaq. They seemed plugged in!)

Next stop...Anchorage, Alaska!

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