Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A night in Iqaluit

We made it to Iqaluit, so far so good. Our plane stopped off in Kuujjuaq for a bit to drop some people off so we got a quick glimpse of the town from a distance. It's gorgeous up here. Does anyone know the name of the orange-yellow trees all over around Kuujjuaq? They look like evergreens, but they're very obviously turning orange with the change of the season. Now would be a great time for a photo but we didn't grab that one yet. Anyway, the trees are really stunning. I'll try to remember to get a picture when we're back there. A short flight later we're here in Iqaluit. There was no snow in Kuujjuaq, but Iqaluit has a bit. We haven't explored much yet, but thought you'd enjoy a glimpse of their impressive submarine-like airport, which is kind of the same shade as the Kuujjuaq trees.


  1. I am going to satisfy my travle bug through you!! :)Shirani

  2. Regarding the orange-yellow trees around Kuuj, those are tamaracks, also known as larches. Their needles change color when the temp drops, and you'll find them all over northern Canada by the tree line. Wood's hard and excellent for a variety of uses. Tamarack is actually an Algonquin word.